Together, we are partners … for a Yemen without Thalassemia …!

Together, we are partners … for a Yemen without Thalassemia …!

   On the morning of Wednesday, 9/12/2020, at the College of Languages – Sana’a University, an awareness event was held on about the dangers of thalassemia and genetic blood diseases and ways to avoid them, in cooperation with the presidency of Sana’a university and the University Student Forum.

   During the event, which interspersed with many types of actions, Dr. Mukhtar Ismail, Director of the Center for Thalassemia and Genetic Blood Disorders Center, an educational speech in which he began by introducing the disease, its causes, how it spreads, and ways to prevent it, as pre-marital examination which is the only way to avoid contracting these chronic diseases, and he also warned the attending students who are going to marry should conducting an examination. Because it is so important in life?

   Dr. Mukhtar thanked and expressed his deep gratitude to all those present for their interest and eagerness to benefit. he also thanked Ms. Amina Al-Thalaya, who recited a prose poem in which she talks about her patience and trying to overcome the suffering of thalassemia and loss of vision at the same time (She was reading by Braille).    Ms. Amina had the most prominent role in the establishment of the event, despite all the obstacles surrounding her, but she is the best example of ambition, patience, and perseverance, and everyone wishes her a promising future of giving, achievement, and successive successes

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