The Second Forum of Thalassemia Arab Societies

The Second Forum of Thalassemia Arab Societies

Yemen Society for Thalassemia and Genetic Blood Disorders participated in the Second Arab Forum of the Arabic Thalassemia Societies, the International Thalassemia Federation (TIF) which was held on Thursday 18th March. 2021 at 03:00 PM Yemen time; This Forum is to discuss the challenges that accompanied and will be accompanied by the CORONA Virus pandemic (COVID-19) during the past year and this year for thalassemia patients in all Arab countries furthermore the efforts made in this aspect and other aspects related to improving the patients’ healthy, socially and psychologically.

During the forum, several working papers and presentations were presented on the challenges that accompanied the coronavirus pandemic in Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, the Emirates, Iraq, and several interventions from Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Libya, and Morocco. Also, a discussion was held by the participants and the patients.

 As a result, several recommendations were made concerning the future of patients with thalassemia and hereditary blood diseases, as well as uniting the efforts of Arab societies and institutions to come up with a unified vision; To improve patients’ lives, enhance their access to health, psychological and social, and improve prevention efforts and awareness of pre-marital examinations and counseling; To reduce the incidence of new births affected by thalassemia and sickle cell anemia.

The forum was concluded with thanks to all participants and wishes for future meetings in light of better conditions for patients.

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