About the Society:

   About The Society:-

       Yemen Society for Thalassemia and Genetic Blood Disorders was founded on 15th Apr. 2000, It is a non-profit humanitarian society that fights against chronic diseases and cares for infected patients. It carries out its activities by its statutes and the principles of the constitution and the law of the Republic of Yemen.

    Our Vision:-

        Lead in the fight against Thalassemia and Genetic Blood Disorders in Yemen.

    Our Message:-

      Provide a distinctive charitable model in the treatment and care of patients with Thalassemia and Genetic Blood Disorders and prevention of these diseases through awareness and early examination in partnership with the relevant authorities.

    Our Values:-
  • Humanity: We work to alleviate the pain and suffering of Thalassemia and Genetic Blood Disorders patients.
  • Equality: We offer our services to all patients without discrimination.
  • Independence: The Society is independent and specialized in its humanitarian work.
  • Voluntary Work: Our charitable, non-profit philanthropic work is based on volunteering.
  • Quality: We seek to provide services to patients, and high quality and distinct .. to achieve the satisfaction of beneficiaries and partners.
    Our Objectives:-
  • Help and treat Thalassemia and Genetic Blood Disorders.
  • Establishment of specialized treatment centers and units in cooperation with the relevant authorities.
  • Awareness of Thalassemia and other Hemoglobinopathies and how to avoid this disease by methods of prevention in cooperation with the concerned authorities.
  • Work on the issuance of the mandatory law of medical examination before marriage and activate it in partnership with the relevant authorities.
  • Provision of early examination services (pre-marriage test)
  • Provide psychological support and social care services to patients.
  • Strengthening and developing the institutional building of the Society.
  • Securing the material and human needs for the projects and activities of the Society.
  • To strengthen relations with local, regional, and international federations, funding agencies, and related parties to achieve the objectives of the Society and its humanitarian mission.